Multiambiente is a provider of environmental consulting services focused mainly in entrepreneurial environmental licensing, contaminated site management, brownfields redevelopment, and health and safety programs. We offer our services to the Local and International Clients acting in different industries such as manufacturing, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, transportation, construction and power. More than offering technical solutions, we want to offer sustainable solutions to Client's environmental challenges. This includes delivering effective business driven solutions and focus on health and safety performance along the life cycle of each Project.

Our Mission

To be the best at what we intend to do, focused in our work to ensure the delivered products and services are the best available in market, always looking for satisfaction to the shareholders and a better future to all employees.

Our Vision

We believe that the main competitive differential of our people are their capability and knowledge, and that all employees are important to the evolvement of our Company. People prepared and motivated make the difference, therefore we regard to Human Capital as our greatest asset. Through our Human Capital we have been able to innovate, create, improve and grow. The well-directed and supported Capital allows us to achieve the results necessary to perpetuate as a Company.

Our Values

Integrity • Planning • Discipline • Determined • Availability

Quality policy

Provide environmental solutions focused on the client's needs. Provide services with quality, improving continuously the development of processes. Refine our activities through training of our employees, increasing our credibility to our clients.

Environmental Policy

Value the actions that respect and preserve the environment. Comply with the current environmental legislation and meet the quality standards established by us. Prevent pollution and promote the use of good practices, achieving economic success and environmental quality in the processes. Prioritize the conservation of natural resources through continuous improvement of the processes adopted.

Health and Safety Policy

Incorporate adequate health and safety requirements into daily activities as mandatory in our work and in our business decisions. Train and make our employees aware of health and safety related issues, reporting the performance to stakeholders. Comply with applicable health and safety legislations, as well as the Multiambiente internal health and safety requirements. Prioritize the health and well-being of humans, adopting improvement actions in our processes.

Social Responsibility Policy

Be responsible for compliance with and dissemination of the Multiambiente Values and Principles. Incorporate social responsibility in Multiambiente businesses, promoting the continuous improvement of the Code of Conduct. Be committed with the Ethic in our business and activities and in relationships with everyone. Prevent all forms of prejudice, violence, intimidation and harassment ensuring that all employees and any stakeholders are treated respectfully.


Multiambiente is comprised by a multidisciplinary Team capable to meet the environmental requirements and demands throughout life cycle of enterprise, from prior environmental licensing to demobilization and from preliminary assessment to the remediation of contaminated sites. We provide support in all stages of enterprises, based on environmental and strategic focus, through the development of environmental impacts assessments, contaminated site management, monitorings, and environmental management.

  • Terrestrial and Aquatic Sylvan Fauna
  • Re-vegetated Areas
  • Surficial Water
  • Groundwater
  • Effluents
  • Noises
  • Air Quality – Total Particulates in Suspension
  • Bathymetric Surveying


We are acting in the market with highly specialized technical background and multidisciplinary team, thus assuring assertiveness and security to your business.


Multiambiente has several years experience acting in Brazilian Market and belongs to the Group comprised by MGA - Mineração e Geologia Aplicada LTDA., a consultancy company specialized in Mining Sector, and VRG, a mining company based on Igarapava City, State of Minas Gerais.



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